Garden Path Revival

From weary to wondrous, we’ve embarked on a mission to restore and elevate this beloved walkway.

Phase 1: Renewing the Foundation
Bid adieu to the weathered stone pavers of yesteryears! With precision, we’ve carefully lifted them, safeguarding their stories for a spectacular resurgence. Bordering plants are nestled away, prepared to re-embrace the rejuvenated path. 🌱

Phase 2: Crafting the Base
The moment of excavation has arrived! Descending to an 8-inch depth, we’ve cleared approximately 40 cubic yards of soil and sand foundation. The canvas is set, primed for durability and environmental stewardship.

Central to the transformation is a permeable foundation, showcasing a layer of No. 57 stone followed by a snug No. 8 stone bedding. Concrete edges stand sentinel, ensuring pavers remain steadfast for years to come. 💧

Phase 3: The Grand Reunion
Original pavers find a second chance at life! After a thorough cleansing, they are thoughtfully repositioned on the new foundation, breathing life into the cherished pattern that once graced our Garden Path.

This innovative permeable base not only manages rainwater but guarantees unwavering longevity, preserving memories for generations. 🌊

Phase 4: Shielded Elegance
As we near completion, a protective shroud is tenderly placed over the neighboring natural stones, safeguarding their allure during the transformation.

Guided by the skillful hands of our dedicated hardscape team, led by an adept Project Manager and Designer @patrickmorantlc, our Garden Path now stands as a living testament to the strength of restoration and the finesse of metamorphosis. 🌟


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