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You read that right. 120 million trees per year are cut down long enough for us to enjoy them in our homes for a couple weeks then to be tossed to the curb and potentially ending up in a landfill.

Think about that. The trees that we deem “acceptable” for cutting down and selling on yearly basis are at least 8 – 10 years old at their very youngest. An average 6 foot natural Christmas tree produces a carbon footprint of around 35lbs of CO2, while an artificial plastic tree produces a carbon footprint measuring at around 88lbs of CO2. This means the total 120 million trees that are cut every holiday season result in over 2-3 million tons of carbon footprint.

A sweeping study done by the Pacific Forest Trust states that the older the tree, the greater the ability to store carbon and prevent it from escaping into the atmosphere. These older trees that actively convert CO2 in the air into their trunks, branches, and leaves, make an important case for the preservation of the world’s old-growth forests. By continuing to allow these trees to grow, we’re not only offsetting the effects of CO2 in our atmosphere, but significantly slowing climate change.

TLC is making a change.

Give your tree the gift of life by opting for a TLC bagged & burlapped tree installed by one of our team of specialized tree-huggers. After the holiday season is over, TLC will come pick up your tree, and plant it in our managed tree forest, ensuring the longevity for years to come.

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We love TLC and highly recommend them! They’ve helped us fix up our yard, installed a beautiful fence, helped with fence permits, and continue to do our weekly lawn care. The employees are wonderful and responsive by call, text or email. We appreciate all of their hard work!

Megan L.

Highly recommend Tactical! They’ve helped us with two large projects, including transforming our backyard from an all brick eyesore into a beautiful patio and green space. We also worked with Tactical to put in drainage in our driveway and redo our front yard. They were always responsive, professional and worked with us to find a solution in our budget. We also appreciated how they look at the environmental impact of each project and suggest improvements.

Maura M.

Huge fan! TLC cleaned my gutters in record speed and fair prices for the area. They were in and out like little land care ninjas, and now the gutters run great. Also, great customer service. Will definitely be asking them out for further service. Bonus points for being a local micro-business.

C. R.