Douglas Firs are typically one of the most expensive to purchase. They are known for their wide stature and needles that stay attached to the branches longer than other christmas tree species. They also have a sweet smell. 

Balsam Firs are one of the least expensive Christmas trees. These trees are less dense than Douglas and Fraser Firs and more slender as well. They have a wonderfully strong scent. The needles are dark and typically the tree does not lose its needles quickly. 

Fraser Firs are one of the most popular trees people choose to display throughout the holidays. They are known for their perfect shape and soft to touch, inch-long needles. They have great needle retention and a great scent. They are often smaller in size and great for compact areas. 

Scotch Pines are another popular type of Christmas tree. They grow quicker than others and have an ideal dense shape. They have an excellent survival rate

White Pines can also be referred to as Eastern Pines. They are soft pines and have longer needles. The needles can be up to 5 inches long. Their branches are not ideal for hanging ornaments but they have a gorgeous shape and great density. They do not have a strong scent. These pines are the largest in the United States. 

White Spruces can grow to be very large as well.They have a great shape and are a beautiful tree. They have a narrow crown and typically 1 inch needles. 

Norway Spruces have a sticky sap on their truck and their needles can fall off easily. The needles are sharp. They have a great pyramid shape and are not very expensive. 

Blue Spruces are known for their silvery blue color. They are often very symmetrical and a great shape tree. They do lose their needles quickly and do not have as strong a scent in comparison to other trees. 

Synthetic Trees Another question you may ask yourself is whether you prefer to display a real or synthetic tree for the holidays. There is a case to be made for both options.There are synthetic trees available that use recycled plastic making them more environmentally friendly. With that being said, the synthetic trees are commonly being shipped from all around the globe. From overseas factories to your living room, there is a substantial carbon footprint. This drastically diminishes the eco-friendly appeal of these trees. As a benefit, once you have your synthetic tree, it can be reused for years. If you are considering purchasing a synthetic tree this year, check to see if it is created with recycled materials. 

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