What an exciting project! The scope of this project included the installation of a custom TLC-made pergola, a landscape redesign including Techo Bloc pavers, sod installation, and more!

To start, we will begin with the custom-made pergola. This includes the installation of a 12’x12′ pergola that will be 10′ tall. This will be done using pressure-treated pine lumber. The installation will include the use of two 6x6x12 posts. Two of which will be installed among concrete footers. 

A Double 2×10 header board will be installed atop the posts. We will also install a ledger 2″x10″ into the garage wall. This ledger will be secured using code-approved anchor bolts. We will then install 2″x8″ purlins.

At the end of this construction, the pergola will be unsealed. After the lumber dries in 3-4 months, we can follow up with paint, stain, sealer, or any other desired finish separate from the scope of work. Our target for labor includes 3 days with a Landscape Designer/Project Manager and a total of 3x Carpenter Specialists.

We then installed a permeable hardscape area that was 200 Square Feet. This will provide an accessible walk from the rear steps to the basement stairs. We installed paver steppers using the same material from the top of the stairs to the rear gate, adjacent to the garage.

The permeable patio required hand excavation to a depth between 6″-8” and subsequently, we disposed of around 5 cubic yards of soil.

We then installed the open-grade permeable stone base consisting of a choker layer of No. 8 stone, a base layer of No. 57 stone followed by a bedding layer of No. 8 Stone. We installed the selected paver atop the open grade base. We used cement edge restraints to keep everything perfectly in place. This installation omits foundation waterproofing based on a previous installation.

Pavers are to be selected by the client; this estimate covered the cost of Techo Bloc ‘Blu Grande’ in the color cream beige.

It is important that after the installation the area remains free of debris. To help retain mulch from the existing mulch beds, we install Col-Met black steel edge restraint.

Our target labor includes around three and a half days of a team consisting of a single Project Manager, two Hardscape Specialists, as well as, a Hardscape Technician.

We oversaw the custom fabrication of a new custom gate that was made using the existing fence panel. The process required the gate to be cut and then welded onto a new frame and hinges. A new latch was added in the same style as the exiting gate.

We installed perimeter lighting. This is done strategically to illuminate the arborvitae hedge on this specific property. Finally, This installation included underground wiring. A low-voltage transformer was installed with a light sensor. The total for a project of this size totaled around 35k in its entirety. *Estimate subject to change. Rocks, roots, access, and the like can affect labor. Changes will be communicated to the client.

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Patrick Moran, PMP, LSC, HIC, LEED | CEO Tactical Land Care

Patrick utilizes his passion for the outdoors along with his professional skills as a licensed Landscape and Home Improvement contractor in Virginia and Maryland, as well as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and LEED Green Associate. Patrick has a BA from Yale University, where he studied climate change and its impact on society.